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jimmyYou can help create a lasting tribute to James Best.

Jimmy-THThe last acting role James Best had was playing Norman Thayer in On Golden Pond at the Hickory Community Theatre in 2014. This role had been one of his dream roles for years. He brought a softer, funnier side to the character and  received the award for Outstanding Actor in a Leading role that year at the Theatre’s annual Kay Awards. James Best loved our theatre, where besides getting to play one of his favorite roles, he spent many performances watching his beloved wife Dorothy on stage. The cast of every one of those plays all loved him and enjoyed listening to his stories about his days in Hollywood.

The Theatre is now undergoing some much-needed restoration and renovation work and there is the opportunity to name the rehearsal hall, and other spaces used by actors and staff, after James Best. James’ children and Dorothy all want to do this but they need you, his fans, to help make it happen.

So far $15,000 has been committed but we need to get it up to at least $100,000 and you can help. James has so many loyal fans that if each one of you sent in at least $5 we’d get past that goal and have a lasting legacy for James Best. Can’t make a large gift all at once? No problem, just check “make this a monthly gift” and you can split your donation into installments.

Will you help create a legacy for James with The Best Rehearsal Hall?

Dorothy Best is offering these great gifts to friends who donate $10 or more:

  • $10 Level: A 5×7 postcard of James Best appearing on On Golden Pond on the Hickory Community Theatre stage in March 2014
  • $50 Level: A DVD of James performing his one-man show, Best in Hollywood recorded live at the Hickory Community Theatre in April 2013, along with a tribute DVD with Dorothy Best, plus the postcard listed above.
  • $100 Level: A box of 12 note cards featuring “Seasons of Life” artwork by James Best, plus the gifts listed above.
  • $250 Level: A copy of James Best’s autobiography, “Best in Hollywood” with over 150 photos, plus the gifts listed above.
  • $500 Level: An 11×14 “Dukes of Hazzard” themed giclee print, plus the gifts listed above
  • $1,000 Level: A 14×14 set of “Seasons of Life” giclee prints, plus the gifts listed above
  • $5,000 Level: A 22×28 pair of giclee prints of your choice (see selections at, plus the gifts listed above

The fans who donate $1,000 or more will also have their names listed on the commemorative plaque in the building.